Marion County Wrigley Field Park

This park complex is located on the North side of Marion County within the agricultural and equine community, which historically were under served regarding recreational facilities.  Our firm was ... View Project

Marion County Veterans Park

This facility in the heart of Ocala has been the brainchild of a county commissioner who was a veteran and worked hard to start this project as a tribute to all veterans.  This facility slowly became ... View Project

Marion County Sheriff Ocklawaha Substation

The Lake Weir area of Marion County has a very high seasonal population fluctuation that has had a Sheriff’s substation for many years; however, it was located in a small store front shop strip ... View Project

Marion County Rainbow Springs Government Complex

During planning for this facility, it became obvious that this location was very desirable by multiple county agencies that felt that the Dunnellon area was under served.  Our solution was to provide ... View Project

Marion County Library Headquarters

Our firm provided Architectural and Engineering Services to an existing 60,000 sq. ft. former supermarket and transformed it into a Library Headquarters for the Marion County Library system. The ... View Project

Marion County Judicial Center

This five-story, state of the art $41 million facility, is approximately 160,000 sq. ft., has five courtrooms and is home to Florida’s Fifth Judicial Circuit Court.  The fifth floor houses the entire ... View Project

Marion County Judicial Center 5th Floor Build-out

Our firm was selected to provide complete Architectural and Engineering Services for a 26,000 sq. ft. interior build-out to the existing fifth floor shell of the Courthouse.  The portion of the ... View Project

Marion County Jail Barracks

This is a unique facility in the State of Florida as most jails were very expensive and are able to house only a small number of inmates.  Our solution after consulting with the Marion County ... View Project

Marion County Growth Management

Marion County Commission selected our firm in conjunction with another to provide A/E Services for a new Growth Management facility that was a remodeling of an old home improvement retailer.  This ... View Project

Marion County Forest Library

Our firm provided full Architectural and Engineering Services to design a LEED, Gold Certified 12,325 sq. ft. branch library just outside of the Ocala National Forest.  A “green” and sustainable ... View Project

Marion County Emergency Operations Center

Our firm was selected to provide full Architectural and Engineering Services for a 19,000 sq. ft. 160 mph hardened building connected to the existing Sheriff’s Operations Center.  This facility, in an ... View Project

Marion County Carney Island Park

This park complex is situated on Lake Weir, Marion County’s premier recreational water feature on approximately 16 acres.  Marion County needed additional park services in this part of the county as ... View Project

Lake County Summer Bay Fire Station

... View Project

Lake County Fire Station No. 12 – Astor

This fire station for Lake County was designed in a rural area that needed services with professional fire fighters and paramedics not volunteers. This station was designed as a two bay facility that ... View Project

Lake County Agricultural Center

This existing agricultural center has been in place for quite some time and required more and more maintenance as the years went by.  The existing building did not have handicap accessible restrooms ... View Project

Lake County Fire Station No. 112

This 3-bay $850,000 fire station was designed to handle 24 hour operations, with 3 shifts a day.  One of the requirements for this facility was a maintenance free exterior. Our solution was to provide ... View Project

City of Ocala Water Reclamation No. 2

This facility was design to support the city’s latest water and sewer operations for the northwest side of Ocala, which is viewed as the industrial growth sector for the city and is to the immediate ... View Project

City of Ocala Fire Station No. 5

One of the main requirements of the design of this facility included the blending into the scale and fabric of a residential neighborhood. This portion of the city was hampered by long delays in ... View Project

City of Ocala Fire Station No. 4

This facility was designed some time ago and has stood the test of time and it still looks aesthetically pleasing. This fire station was designed with materials commonly used in the surrounding ... View Project

Marion County Freedom Library

The 9,028 sq. ft., 30,000 volume contemporary library’s design needed to satisfy a very fast growing portion of Marion County.  The library site was donated by a good citizen and that in turn spurred ... View Project